The Pandemic’s Impact on Children

We recently passed the anniversary of the start of the COVID-19 shutdown. Thankfully, we’re also seeing rays of hope as vaccination rates increase and infection rates decrease. Much has been said about how life has changed for us all, and there is plenty of debate surrounding what has changed permanently and what might return from the […]

National Women’s Month Celebrates Today’s Leaders and Salutes Those Who Paved the Way

March is National Women’s Month, which recognizes and celebrates the contributions women have made throughout our nation’s history – and continue to make today. Women have engineered especially significant impacts in science and health care, and I’m proud to be one of the many leaders at Kaleida Health making Western New York’s community healthy and strong. […]

OCHBuffalo Foundation stirs strength with New Year-inspired giving option

We all “know” someone. With over one million cases and 38,000 deaths in New York State alone as of early January, there’s very few, if any, of our neighbors whose lives have not been impacted by this deadly pandemic. For those of us on the front lines of healthcare, the challenge is especially strenuous as we work […]

COVID Update

COVID Update: Strength & Stamina Needed for Holiday Homestretch As we prepare for the holidays this year and are bombarded with minute-by-minute news updates on the COVID vaccine, it’s important to temper your expectations, knowing that most of us will not have access to it for several more months. Estimates differ even among the nation’s […]

Bills Fans’ Generosity Provides Strength, Hope, in Challenging Year

This year has been surreal in so many ways, but some of that strangeness has materialized in the form of the unexpected — and unprecedented — generosity seen throughout Western New York. I had the privilege to see this compassion up close recently, following the death of someone I had never met. In fact, nearly […]